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Vounteeer in the community

The Neighborhood Needs You!

The HOA needs community volunteers to keep the neighborhood safe, beautiful and connected. There are many different ways you can volunteer within the community and every small bit of assistance is appreciated.  Our HOA is run solely by volunteers that donate their time and efforts to keep this one of the top desired neighborhoods to call home. 

Here are some ways you can help our neighborhood: 

Volunteer to help at events:

Throughout the year the HOA organizes fun events for the neighborhood.  We need help to make these all come together.  The more help we receive...the more events and more fun we can have.  For each event we have a sign up sheet for different areas where assistance is needed.  If you are able to help throughout the year either with time or supplies for events join our list.  You will be emailed when events are organized and you can sign up at that time to volunteer where you can.  If you aren't able to volunteer at one event, don't worry you can volunteer at the next. 


Join the HOA Board:

The HOA board is made up of 11 members that lead different committees for the community.  The board meets quarterly to review happenings in the neighborhood and plan events.  Each meeting is 1.5 -2 hours in length.  Members also contribute where they can at events and help one another. The committee are as follows: 


  1. Treasurer: This member is in charge of collecting HOA Dues, creating the annual budget, track/pay community expenses and file the HOA's annual tax return. 

  2. Membership: This member is in charge of the membership drive each year to collect annual HOA dues and maintain an accurate list of home owners, volunteers and small business owners within the community.

  3. Neighborhood Watch: This member stay in close contact with our local police and is in charge of relaying events and notifications to the neighborhood. 

  4. Street Hostess Coordinator: This member recruits and manages a collection of street hostesses that greet new neighbors to the community, help collect dues and distribute information to neighbors on each street.

  5. Community Affairs & Architectural: This member stays connected with other HOA's in the area and addresses any community concerns in our surrounding areas.  They also manage the CCRs for the community and address any home owner concerns for architectural approval.

  6. Social Director: The member plans and organizes social events for the community.  They are in charge of keeping and maintaining a list of volunteers and sending out sign ups for each event. This seat requires an organized individual that is great at planning and delegating. 

  7. Beautification: This member is in charge of working with landscapers to keep our entrances and community areas maintained and welcoming. 

  8. Secretary:  This member creates our meeting minutes and posts them on the web-site for the community to see and keep up with all that the board is involved in within the neighborhood. 

  9. Communications: This member is in charge or keeping our neighbors in the know through newsletters, emails and social media.

  10. Web Development & Design: This member is in charge of the neighborhood web-site and member section.  This does require someone that has some tech background and experience working with WIX sites.

  11. President:  This member is in charge of running the meetings, organizing and recruiting volunteers, staying in touch with the neighbors, helping out other board members where needed and overall organizing the HOA.  

Let’s Work Together

If you are interested in volunteering within the community we would love to hear from you!

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Thank You For Volunteering!

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